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It's the End of the World. Again?!?
rage, anger
hubris or hybris (ˈhjuːbrɪs)

— noun
1. pride or arrogance
2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin

Okay. I haven't done this in a while.
But if anyone deserves it, it's this guy.

Holy Cats, is this guy a dumbass.
How many times has the end of the world been falsely predicted by people? Hell, how many times has he predicted the end of the world? This October date makes his third prediction, on record.
Not to mention, this is my third, maybe fourth supposed apocalypse in my lifetime.

The first one I took real notice of was when I was a freshman at Houghton College. Not even halfway through my first semester, the rapture was declared to happen. Strangely, there were no shortage of cynics on campus going, "uhhh.... no." But there were also plenty of students who were curious to see if it really would happen. No one seemed too worried about it, because... Well, if you're on the campus of a Christian college, the rapture isn't going to change your world much. You'll just get out of having to take mid-terms.
We had a guest speaker scheduled for that exact day and hour.
He opened by waiting til everyone was seated, checked his watch and said, "Well, I guess he's not coming. You'll have to go to your afternoon classes. " Big laugh. That was 1992.

But this was so much more dangerous than that.
People took his word to heart. And they deserve what they get now, to a point.
For those who just fell for it and proclaimed his prophecy to others, well... you stupid.
For the ones who spent all of their money, expecting the world to end... YOU STUPID!
What part of “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." do y'all not get?
For those who sunk their life savings into the doomsday campaign... I have sympathy for them.
They were suckered in. By a man who has done this before.
And now, they are at a loss (literally), and Camping, once again, shows no signs of remorse nor any attempts to recover the money of these followers. Over 100 million dollars were spent on Judgement Day billboards, radio time, etc.

Robert Fitzpatrick spent all he had to spread the word and has nothing to show for it now.
He's retired. There is no more money.
Adrienne Martinez is pregnant with her second child. Adrienne quit pursuing her degree in medicine because of this.
She and her husband budgeted down to the day of reckoning, spent everything they own.
Her baby is due next month.

Camping's response to all of this? "They should have relied on God and not me," Family Radio is not in the business of financial advice. They should turn to God and pray."

He's right about one thing: They should have never relied on him.


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