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O.K., so where was I?
holy cats!! I don't update at ALL!

Let's see.
Well, last night the Club had a our second-ever show with our new drummer.
If you haven't been yet, understand what you're missing. Our drummer is kick-ass, our harmonies are better than ever and the show is NOT TO BE MISSED. There, I've said it.
And now, we begin prepping for the big

Beach Party

show next month.
So, there's that.

Ah, yes, and last week, I got the lucky shot of seeing HP7 on Sunday.
Yup, a week before it opened, a friend of Jason's had a ticket to the Producer's Guild screening. I got to be his plus 1. When they handed us the 3D glasses, I was apprehensive, to say the least. I felt there was no need for it. I never should have doubted the British.
Yes, I cried like a baby.
Yes, I brought tissues.
And the Q&A was fun, too.

Last week, I took Benji to his very first dance class. I couldn't help it.
My little man enjoys dancing like crazy in the house.
I asked him if he wanted to go to dance class, and he said, "I can do a pirouette!" I didn't even know he knew that word. That's my boy.
I figured this way, he'd find out if he really likes it. And maybe he'd pick up some focus in the process.
Lo and behold, he seemed happy to go. And even more amazingly, he adapted to class very easily.
Once he realized that he had to stay quiet and listen to the teacher, he got it and followed along.
In ballet, he discovered the joys of "across the floor." Then he took hip hop. A bunch of 4 - 7 year olds attempting hip hop dancing. Nothing is cuter. NOTHING.

So, now that's about everything. Well, just about everything. As I recall, I shall record.
For now, goodnight, dear LJ hold-outs.


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