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The jerk shall inherit...
wtf?, molly
Okay, so until about a month ago, I'd never heard of this guy Tucker Max.
Seriously, never heard of him.
Then I happened to catch a glimpse of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell the movie based on his stories from his first book. His NY Times bestseller book.

The man is an author, screenwriter and professional Asshole.
No. Really. It probably says so on his business card.
His philosophy of life is basically, he does, says and screws whatever he wants, without consequence or remorse.
I think I've mentioned before how I detest people who get rewarded for their bad behavior.
This guy's is a walking monument to everything about that concept I can't stand.
He says and does jerky things, but he makes it an interesting story. A story he can regale people with, while guys are wishing they could do what he does, without that pesky conscience thing interrupting.

And women... I'm sorry, women have no excuse.
Why would you touch this petri dish of...
Guh. I can't even think of the proper word. He's disgusting!
Should I ever encounter this man, I want a toilet seat cover, a 40 oz. of Purell and a HAZMAT suit on stand by!
This bothers me. Of all the jerks in the world, why is this faulty condom walking around, enjoying the good life? I don't get it.
There is no love in this man. He's a borderline sociopath. No regard for other people and HE HAS A BESTSELLER!
And now that he's famous, he's probably got even more women lining up to be his next anecdote in an homage to the Asshole way of life.

I'm sickened by this! Is there no true comeuppance for this man?! That moment of clarity?
I've read a couple of the stories and while he has a style of writing that draws one in, I don't find him funny.
One or twice, I found a story where he does, in fact, get a kick in the ass from karma, which I applaud. But this does NOTHING to dissuade him from maybe, I don't know, being less of a jerk.
And why would it? Because being a jerk now pays his bills. It gives him the fame any writer craves and the credentials, too.
It's as if the rules have completely flipped. Want to be famous? Be a total Ass! Have no discernible talent, skill, or work ethic and make more than any of your educated, socially adjusted friends could dream of!

Is there anyone who can explain the appeal to me? Seriously. As a guy, I kind of get it. Dude's a walking id.
Impulses normal men suppress, he revels in and lives to tell the tale. But women. What is the attraction?
Tell me. Seriously, tell me. I'm at a loss.

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Drama (other people's drama) is entertaining, and he creates it as a way of life.

Also, history is wrought with examples of highly successful people and corporations who make their millions partially because they have no moral filters to limit their choices of actions. That's been going on for as long as time has been recorded. Ever heard of a little Asian dude called Genghis Khan?


All I know of this guy is that he had (or maybe still has) a chat board that two extremely intelligent and attractive women I know used to be on very frequently, discussing male/female relationship issues with other chatters. I didn't read much of what was on there, but I get the feeling they were having fun jerking the guys around.

Actually I take that back. Tucker Max is a racist fuck.
I must have been thinking of Preston Tucker. After all he was a man with a dream.

Oh shit, he lives in Austin. If I see him I'll make sure to say hi for you. Would you prefer a trip, a middle finger or my car door in his face?

Oh, darling, no. Unless you have a case of disinfectant with you, don't touch him. I can't have that on my conscience.

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