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First, Before, Next, Then, Last
I think today there was a bit of a breakthrough for me and my boy.
After dinner, my husband gave him the assignment of sweeping out his room, something he has never done before.
It took him forever. He was distracted, frustrated, and he just couldn't finish.
After an hour, it still wasn't done. He's frustrated, I'm frustrated, Jason's at his limit. He's yelling at him to get it together and just sweep! The boy's crying, my husband's DONE with this.
I get an idea. I go in, hold him and get his attention.
He cries he doesn't know what to do. You see, on top of ADHD, he's got this thing called "Executive Order Dysfunction". So, the instructions you'd normally give someone just aren't enough.
After 2 or 3 bouts of comfort, we finally get to the point.
He didn't know how.
So, I said "okay. Then let's make a list. To help figure out what comes first."
Wrote down the instructions he had and realized there were steps missing. Yes, you sweep out the corner but FIRST, you have to move the furniture away and pick up items off the floor BEFORE sweeping. THEN, bringing all of the dust into one pile, etc. and so on.
By the time it was over, he was so excited that he'd figured it out and he could do it himself. No anxiety, no tears, and the place was actually clean.
I think we can build on this.

Where am I Going?
Somewhere along the way...
I stopped dancing.
Then, I stopped writing.
At some point then, I just... stopped.
Stopped a lot of things.
But, I haven't stopped looking for work.
Well, not really.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place: Giving Benji my attention for the best summer ever, or getting work to help pay the bills. This is... difficult, and things I used to be able to count on are... lost to me now.

How do I get back into writing? Doing it constantly, consistently? How do I carve out time to dance for myself?


So, I've just been looking at my friends page.
Looks pretty damn skimpy, compared to what used to be.
Regardless, looks like I'm home for the night.
Crazy, stressful news coming left & right these days.
I feel as though I should be drinking right now.

Time to put on some big girl panties, I guess.
Yeah, I'm being vague. And, what?

How's everybody doing?

I've been away a long damn time.
I haven't written in an age.
A lot has happened over the summer.
I've been in a weird sort of turmoil and state of limbo for months.
And, I've recently been posed with the possibility of some really, really lousy news.
But, as much as I want to crawl in a hole and cry...
I ain't going out like that.

So now, I must write.
I swore I would never abandon LiveJournal and yet, I did.
So many things left unfinished.

But, I. will. do.

It starts now.

(no subject)
Over the unscheduled break, we introduced Benji to "The Princess Bride."
The next night, he asked to watch it again.
This afternoon, I was treated to the moment every mother dreams of.
The first time you hear your child say,
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

Tell me I'm not raising him right.

Behind the times
Okay, first, I have to get this out.
Re: The Grammys.
Dear Nicki Minaj,
There is a difference between showmanship and spectacle.
Janet Jackson, ADELE, Paul McCartney, etc. - showmanship.
That hot mess of a Lady Gaga/Exorcist rip-off you did last week? Spectacle and not in the good way.
I remain unimpressed by you.

Chris Brown? no. I am sorry, no.
You don't deserve the Grammy. You don't deserve to be a success. Do you have a right to work? Yes.
Do you have a right to be on my tv? Not really.
I wasn't a fan before your crazy. I'm not about to help support your ass now.
The idiot women who declared he could "beat them up anytime?" I don't have enough time to deal with their stupid. You are all collectively a disappointment to womanhood as a whole. Seriously.

There. Finally!! SO glad to get that out.

"Family" freakin' values.
rage, anger
Okay, my head's about to explode.

I am seriously wanting to find this man.
To challenge his supposed facts.
To directly ask how he can correlate a horrific tragedy to an adoption issue.
And then beat him to a pulp!!
How exactly did this case about an alleged "pillar of the community" become an example of why same-sex couples should not be allowed to be adopt or host foster children?

I'm asking.
Last I checked, Sandusky was a married man with children and grandchildren, who used his charitable organization to gain access to young boys for molestation and rape.
Tell me, American Family Association, what does the case of this festering boil have to do with Mark and Steve wanting to adopt a baby that otherwise would have spent their lives going through the system?! How did this terrifying situation prove that gay couples shouldn't have the right to adopt?
I want answers.
And before you say gay couples are more likely to abuse their children, I need you to remember the poster boy you're using to prove your point worked his whole life to never be associated with anything alternative.
He was "normal."
Just like he was normal.
Just like he was charitable.
I don't know how long he plans to latch onto this theory, but when it blows up in his face, I really want to be there.
To proceed with the aforementioned beatdown.

what's wrong with this picture?
So, this ad right here is for a hair salon in Edmonton.
No, seriously. They decided the best way to get people talking about their salon is by posting ads that exhibit a sign of domestic violence as "chic."

I'm sorry, what?

Well, the talking part is definitely happening. I'm talking about it now.
So, I'm going to need any and all Canadians to let these putzes know that spreading this message is unacceptable, plain and simple.
Fluid Salon in Edmonton does not deserve women coming into their salon, spending their money.
This makes me nuts.

Store owner Sarah Cameron said the point of the ads was to spark controversy, but they were never meant to target or attack anyone.

“It might strike a chord, but as the way our society and community is getting, we keep tailoring everything because everyone is getting so sensitive,” said Cameron.

Oh. The problem is not that you're posting an ad that seems to glamorize and sexualize ABUSE.
The problem is we're being too sensitive and automatically connecting your "edgy" marketing with domestic violence.

Well, on behalf of all us overly sensitive, whiny crackpots, may I say, "I'm sorry."

And by "I'm sorry," I mean, ahem...
"Suck on it, you ignorant ass!
Are you that obsessed with Mad Men that you thought this misguided series of photos somehow would be "revolutionary"? Your biggest clientele (I'm guessing) is women. When anyone who's seen the ad makes the immediate connection to violence in the home that is expected to be overlooked because the attacker comes bearing gifts (like say, the diamond necklace the man in the picture is holding) and you don't, what does that say about you?"

We may be sensitive, but I'll take that over this crap equalling more dollars for you. Under NO circumstances should you profit from this 'ish.

One commenter on their Facebook page, actually wrote, “hottest battered woman I’ve ever laid my eyes upon ... .”

And you seriously don't see anything wrong with that?!?

Okay, my whining aside, let me ask you this, Ms. Cameron: What exactly was your intention?
If glamorizing domestic violence wasn't the goal, the intended reaction, then what was? I'm dying to know.

Being a woman does not give you a pass on this one. In fact, you should know better than your male counterparts in this situation.

You should know better, Sarah Cameron.

You have managed to knock Michele Bachmann off of her assured seat on the DA throne this week in one fell swoop.
This kind of "10 pounds of stupid" is typical for politicians. You brought a whole new level to this game.

Congratulations. You're a Bachmann-level dumbass.
People work for years to get there, but you clearly have raw talent.

wtf?, molly

I really think the tri-state area just stood up as one and went, "whatdafuckwazzat?"
Yeah, I'll elaborate on my freaking out later.

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The jerk shall inherit...
wtf?, molly
Okay, so until about a month ago, I'd never heard of this guy Tucker Max.
Seriously, never heard of him.
Then I happened to catch a glimpse of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell the movie based on his stories from his first book. His NY Times bestseller book.

The man is an author, screenwriter and professional Asshole.
No. Really. It probably says so on his business card.
His philosophy of life is basically, he does, says and screws whatever he wants, without consequence or remorse.
I think I've mentioned before how I detest people who get rewarded for their bad behavior.
This guy's is a walking monument to everything about that concept I can't stand.
He says and does jerky things, but he makes it an interesting story. A story he can regale people with, while guys are wishing they could do what he does, without that pesky conscience thing interrupting.

And women... I'm sorry, women have no excuse.
Why would you touch this petri dish of...
Guh. I can't even think of the proper word. He's disgusting!
Should I ever encounter this man, I want a toilet seat cover, a 40 oz. of Purell and a HAZMAT suit on stand by!
This bothers me. Of all the jerks in the world, why is this faulty condom walking around, enjoying the good life? I don't get it.
There is no love in this man. He's a borderline sociopath. No regard for other people and HE HAS A BESTSELLER!
And now that he's famous, he's probably got even more women lining up to be his next anecdote in an homage to the Asshole way of life.

I'm sickened by this! Is there no true comeuppance for this man?! That moment of clarity?
I've read a couple of the stories and while he has a style of writing that draws one in, I don't find him funny.
One or twice, I found a story where he does, in fact, get a kick in the ass from karma, which I applaud. But this does NOTHING to dissuade him from maybe, I don't know, being less of a jerk.
And why would it? Because being a jerk now pays his bills. It gives him the fame any writer craves and the credentials, too.
It's as if the rules have completely flipped. Want to be famous? Be a total Ass! Have no discernible talent, skill, or work ethic and make more than any of your educated, socially adjusted friends could dream of!

Is there anyone who can explain the appeal to me? Seriously. As a guy, I kind of get it. Dude's a walking id.
Impulses normal men suppress, he revels in and lives to tell the tale. But women. What is the attraction?
Tell me. Seriously, tell me. I'm at a loss.

(no subject)
comfy, cute
The day is dreary enough without me bringing it down, but...

Right about now, I'm a bit disappointed in myself.
I honestly cannot recall the last time I wrote anything.
Just writing something. An idea, a storyline, a piece of dialogue, anything.
Writing for myself, any idea I've had I've let slip. I keep saying I need to remember to write that down.
And then I don't, or everything else in my life takes over.
I may be bragging or over-exaggerating, but I think I used to be good at this and now, I almost never use my writing skills.
And I need to get back into the habit, badly. I feel like I'm losing a part of me.
I have been stubbornly holding on to my LiveJournal account, because I still feel it's the only place where I can express myself in full sentences and then I don't take the time to do just that. I barely have time to myself, or at least, that's how it feels most days.

I'm probably just rambling now, but I need to get this out.
I have to renew a pledge to myself to write more, to set time aside for scribbling, journaling, blogging, reading, whatever I need to do.
Things need to happen and I need to put them into action. For myself.
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(no subject)
bad day
I'm not feeling so hot.
Haven't been all day.
Or yesterday.
And neither has my little man.
He's been sniffling with a runny nose, coughing and been all together out of sorts since Thursday.
Now that we're home, I took him to the doctor yesterday. He was prescribed some medication to keep him from getting an ear infection, poor thing.
So, naturally after we leave the office and have dinner at Amber, I start to realize I don't feel so good. The next morning, I can't swallow without it hurting and my head aches and... suffice to say, whatever the baby got, now I got.

I feel like drawing up the covers and staying there til next week.

O.K., so where was I?
holy cats!! I don't update at ALL!

Let's see.
Well, last night the Club had a our second-ever show with our new drummer.
If you haven't been yet, understand what you're missing. Our drummer is kick-ass, our harmonies are better than ever and the show is NOT TO BE MISSED. There, I've said it.
And now, we begin prepping for the big

Beach Party

show next month.
So, there's that.

Ah, yes, and last week, I got the lucky shot of seeing HP7 on Sunday.
Yup, a week before it opened, a friend of Jason's had a ticket to the Producer's Guild screening. I got to be his plus 1. When they handed us the 3D glasses, I was apprehensive, to say the least. I felt there was no need for it. I never should have doubted the British.
Yes, I cried like a baby.
Yes, I brought tissues.
And the Q&A was fun, too.

Last week, I took Benji to his very first dance class. I couldn't help it.
My little man enjoys dancing like crazy in the house.
I asked him if he wanted to go to dance class, and he said, "I can do a pirouette!" I didn't even know he knew that word. That's my boy.
I figured this way, he'd find out if he really likes it. And maybe he'd pick up some focus in the process.
Lo and behold, he seemed happy to go. And even more amazingly, he adapted to class very easily.
Once he realized that he had to stay quiet and listen to the teacher, he got it and followed along.
In ballet, he discovered the joys of "across the floor." Then he took hip hop. A bunch of 4 - 7 year olds attempting hip hop dancing. Nothing is cuter. NOTHING.

So, now that's about everything. Well, just about everything. As I recall, I shall record.
For now, goodnight, dear LJ hold-outs.

I may vomit.
I am sorry.
I have never had a problem with Tiki Barber. Until today.

This ish he laid down

So, let me get this straight:
Your affair with your girlfriend is discovered, ruining your reputation and image and, oh yeah, DEVASTATING YOUR PREGNANT WIFE!
Girlfriend was carrying twins, people! Twins!
You go to your agent's place to go into hiding from the media. With same girlfriend.
The two of you lived in your agent's attic to avoid having to admit that you're a jerk who's been cheating on his wife, who was carrying children number 3 and 4 at the time.
And then tell Sports Illustrated in an interview that it's "like a reverse Anne Frank thing."

You compare this incident to being trapped in an attic, spending nearly every hour of every day in absolute silence in order to avoid torture and death by the Nazi regime.

He wins DA today.

It's the End of the World. Again?!?
rage, anger
hubris or hybris (ˈhjuːbrɪs)

— noun
1. pride or arrogance
2. (in Greek tragedy) an excess of ambition, pride, etc, ultimately causing the transgressor's ruin

Okay. I haven't done this in a while.
But if anyone deserves it, it's this guy.

Holy Cats, is this guy a dumbass.
How many times has the end of the world been falsely predicted by people? Hell, how many times has he predicted the end of the world? This October date makes his third prediction, on record.
Not to mention, this is my third, maybe fourth supposed apocalypse in my lifetime.

Broken RecordCollapse )

He's right about one thing: They should have never relied on him.

Yup. That was the line.
death wish
Chicago school bans homemade lunches.

Excuse me?

Look, I have no objections to a school improving their dietary restrictions, but if I decide to put a homemade cookie in my baby's lunch box...
Oh, you going to let him eat the cookie.

Yeah. Overstepping. Just a hair.

Are you listening?
And to follow up my post from yesterday, let me say:
Thank you, Rep. Ellison.
That is exactly what we needed to hear.
That's what Peter King needs to hear.

The King's speech
rage, anger
I have only one question: How soon can we vote this fool out of Congress?

No, seriously.
I'm beginning to understand why people always say "say it with your dollars," or in this case, votes.
That's the only thing these fools listen to.
I could yell til I'm blue in the face, tell him how VERY wrong he is, it won't make a bit of difference.
I help get all of Nassau County to vote his ass out, that might get my point across.

It's not even the blasted hypocrisy of supporting the IRA while chairing these hearings (though, that? Freaking brilliant.)
It's the fact that this dude's got the nerve to state that Muslim discrimination is of their own imagining.
Are you serious?!
That just.. blows my mind the way this guy has convinced himself that the past several years of discrimination and scapegoating hasn't happened. The incidents, the mob scenes, the attacks, they just don't exist?!
I'm amazed.

Really. I need to know when elections are.
McCarthy 2.0?
He gotta go.

Huh. Double Standard.
bad mood
John Galliano fired from Dior for Anti-Semitic comments.
Now, here's where I'm having a problem.

Not in the grounds for firing him, mind you. 100% behind that.

It's the paragraph near the bottom that caught my attention.

Interestingly, other designers have recently come under fire for racist remarks, but held on to their titles. Last fall, Jean-Paul Guerlain dropped the n-word several times during a French television interview, and Yves Saint Laurent designer Stefano Pilati made some racist remarks, commenting that "You can't find [black models] that are beautiful and with the right proportions."

They came under fire for their comments, but they still have their jobs.
What I want to know is, why is this different from the Galliano thing?

Is there a logical reason why the other two are still respected in the fashion world? You know, other than the one I'm thinking of?

Back into my old routine.
comfy, cute
So, I did physical therapy today and walked around the office... without my brace!
It was weird, man!
My leg has been in that brace for so long, it automatically reverts to straight leg, mummy walk. So I have to re-train my leg.
I even did some work on the stationary bike and the leg press. It was like I was back in the gym. Yay!!

Then I hobbled home, showered and changed and when Benji came back from school, I took him out to play group.
I walked all the way there. (I am proud of me) Though, it took up quite a lot of time.
When I saw the doctor last week, the doctor said "give it another week, then you can start weaning yourself off of it."
We are now approaching that benchmark. I'll be so happy to not need it anymore. The therapist says to give it 2 more weeks of slowly phasing it out and I should be right on track. Whew.
Now, I have to focus on rehearsal for tomorrow. Really focus. Okay, here I go.


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