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The day is dreary enough without me bringing it down, but...

Right about now, I'm a bit disappointed in myself.
I honestly cannot recall the last time I wrote anything.
Just writing something. An idea, a storyline, a piece of dialogue, anything.
Writing for myself, any idea I've had I've let slip. I keep saying I need to remember to write that down.
And then I don't, or everything else in my life takes over.
I may be bragging or over-exaggerating, but I think I used to be good at this and now, I almost never use my writing skills.
And I need to get back into the habit, badly. I feel like I'm losing a part of me.
I have been stubbornly holding on to my LiveJournal account, because I still feel it's the only place where I can express myself in full sentences and then I don't take the time to do just that. I barely have time to myself, or at least, that's how it feels most days.

I'm probably just rambling now, but I need to get this out.
I have to renew a pledge to myself to write more, to set time aside for scribbling, journaling, blogging, reading, whatever I need to do.
Things need to happen and I need to put them into action. For myself.
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I think you're a great writer, Paula. I know what you mean about the LJ account. Get out what you can, when you can! We'll be looking forward to reading.

Thanks, Holly.
That means a lot.
Oh, why do I decide to jump on the blog bandwagon just before it's passe?

I have to tell you, becoming a dad put the breaks on my writing for about 4 years, and when I became a single dad it was even harder, once I got the gumption to make the time.

Ultimately, that's the answer. Make it a priority, and make the time. An hour a night, an hour every two nights, whatever. Writing while you're in transit (modern technology is wonderful for that). I was writing prose and script in emails while at my old job during what free minutes I had, then I'd send those emails to myself and assemble the text into the piece I was working on.

It's tough, it really is, which means it requires a bit of pushing to get past. But I'm positive you can get it done, even if it's only a teeny bit at a time.


I hate to blame it on the baby, but... yeah. I didn't do crap after the boys were born until I set heavy, heavy guidelines. Even then, it took me about a year of limbering up with my pitch-a-week stuff before I had the stamina and ability to focus to write anything of any length... and I had to make rules that were, frankly, crazy and a little bit self-destructive ("I will go to sleep when the boys go to bed, wake up at midnight and write until 3 p.m. THIS WILL HAPPEN UNTIL THE GODDAMNED BOOK IS WRITTEN, SO SAYS PHAROAH!") before I could actually make it happen in a way that made me feel like I could call myself a writer.

So, yeah. Start small and don't do anything that takes more than ten minutes for the first few months. You'll get it back. Trust me.

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