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Behind the times
Okay, first, I have to get this out.
Re: The Grammys.
Dear Nicki Minaj,
There is a difference between showmanship and spectacle.
Janet Jackson, ADELE, Paul McCartney, etc. - showmanship.
That hot mess of a Lady Gaga/Exorcist rip-off you did last week? Spectacle and not in the good way.
I remain unimpressed by you.

Chris Brown? no. I am sorry, no.
You don't deserve the Grammy. You don't deserve to be a success. Do you have a right to work? Yes.
Do you have a right to be on my tv? Not really.
I wasn't a fan before your crazy. I'm not about to help support your ass now.
The idiot women who declared he could "beat them up anytime?" I don't have enough time to deal with their stupid. You are all collectively a disappointment to womanhood as a whole. Seriously.

There. Finally!! SO glad to get that out.


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